Social Sciences & The Humanities

Social Sciences & The Humanities

Message from the Assistant Curriculum Leader of Literacy

In our Social Studies, History and Geography courses, we work to connect students to the world at large, in way that speaks to their current realities as young adults. We work to engage our students by developing interesting and dynamic lessons that allow them to explore the past, and consider their futures from many perspectives.

Our teachers strive to provide contextual information, as well as skills and knowledge that help to prepare students to participate in, and contribute to their local communities, as well as the global community at large.

Students learn to make vital connections between their lessons in class, and their lives. We work to introduce information and develop understanding that helps to inform students’ viewpoints, and consequent choices.

In our department, we work diligently to recognize the individual needs of exceptional students and we design programs that effectively respond to these needs.

We strive to differentiate our programming, allowing students to capitalize on their strengths while providing additional support in areas of development.

Each course is built upon a strong focus on English language development, supporting cross-curricular literacy skills. This focus helps prepare our students for the learning environment in all subject areas, and in life beyond high school


Assistant Curriculum Leader: Lilah Zohar-Pittari

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