Message from the Assistant Curriculum Leader of Numeracy

In our departments, we believe that every student is unique, and each one must have opportunities to achieve success according to his or her own interests, abilities and goals.

We value diversities of learners, and we respect equity and individual differences. At York Humber High School, we strive to build an inclusive community that focuses on improved outcomes for all students using various teaching strategies, manipulatives and differentiated instructions.

We provide practical and hands on learning experiences to help our students make connections with the real world and be able to apply their skills successfully.

We offer various courses to meet the academic needs of our students, where every student is accommodated and supported as necessary in order to be successful.

Contact Information

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Zachary LeMay

416-394-3280      Ext. 20140


Mission Statement

At York Humber High School, we provide all students with creative teaching and hands on activities to enhance their learning in a safe and positive environment.

A scientifically literate student is more efficient at processing information, solving problems, making informed decisions, accommodating change, and creating new knowledge.

We value the importance of student engagement and empowerment which is also part of our mission to build an inclusive community that focuses on improved outcomes for all students.