Student Services & Student Engagement

Message from the Assistant Curriculum Leader of Student Services & Student Engagement

First and foremost Student Services at York Humber is here to help students feel safe, happy and engaged in school. Many stresses happen during the high school years and we hope to be able to help students through those.

Students may book appointments with Student Services through Ms. Kim Grech, our Student Services Office Assistant or they seek out a meeting at lunch or in the halls between periods. Parents and Guardians are also welcome to book appointments to discuss their child’s progress, social-emotional issues, stresses and future pathways.

A large part of Student Services is to help students plan for their future endeavors. Students who graduate from York Humber High School follow the Workplace, Community and supportive living, Apprenticeship, and some College pathways. Within our different programs, students are working towards their Ontario Secondary School Certificate, Certificate of Accomplishment and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma respectively. Within the last two years of school each student will need to work with their Coop, Careers, and Special Education and Guidance teachers to plan out a future pathway. It is always best to continually build this plan throughout your high school career.

Finally, Student Services is a place to find help for many social-emotional issues. We have a school Social Worker who is here one day a week and many other support services that students can access. We also have a vast array of outside agencies ready and willing to help students in any way needed.

Student Services is a place for help. It is a place where students can come when they feel down, have had a conflict or just need to chat.

Assistant Curriculum Leader: Paul Caramida

416-394-3280 ext. 20041




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